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At Abundance Chiropractic, we are dedicated to transforming the health of the North Shore community for generations to come, naturally.

We provide specific chiropractic care for the entire family.
Our care is designed to increase your body's natural healing potential by releasing tension throughout your spine and nerve system.

Symptom Relief - Health Maintenance - Preventative Wellness
Whatever your health goal may be, we look forward to partnering with you in achieving it. It's your life. Live it WELL!


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    Addressing the Cause
    Instead of treating symptoms and masking health problems, Dr. Biehl works with you to find and correct the root cause(s) of your health challenges. As the cause of your health issues is addressed, pain and other symptoms typically resolve naturally. Health is an inside job!
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    Customized Care
    Each of us is unique. Your health care should reflect that. Dr. Biehl provides customized chiropractic care designed to suit your specific needs. Your care is structured around reaching (and exceeding!) your goals as quickly and fully as possible. Bring on the healing!
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    Wellness Resources
    Depending on your body's needs, Dr. Biehl provides specific tools and resources for you to maximize your results. Through specific adjustments, power-packed supplements, empowering workshops, relevant wellness articles and more, health is raised!
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    Building Community
    Raising healthy families is not something we should do alone. At Abundance Chiropractic, you'll find a community of health-conscious families challenging the status quo, building healthier habits and sharing in each other's success stories. Life is a celebration!
Abundance is a choice. Decide daily.