We're passionate about people and want to see our community living in abundance! We know that different people require different needs when it comes to health care. Adjusting a newborn baby is much different than adjusting a 250 lb. weightlifter. The adjustment given to a pregnant mother is far different than that given to a sweet, wise grandmother. As it should be! Our bodies are different. Our anatomy is different. Our needs are different.
Your comfort and safety is our top priority. As part of your experience in the office, Dr. Biehl will talk with you about your previous chiropractic experience (if any) and answer any questions you may have prior to beginning care. She will explain exactly what you can expect to feel and hear during an adjustment to ensure your complete comfort.
Dr. Biehl is trained in full spine diversified, Thompson, Activator, Chiropractic Biophysics, Toggle, Logan Basic and Webster Techniques. She will utilize the most fitting technique(s) based on your body's needs and your personal preference (if any).